Crysis Trailer

Impressive video showcasing CryEngine 2 technology


  • Impressive DX10 tecnology
  • Showcases game well


  • Short
  • No intro or end

Not bad

Crysis is a futuristic first-person-shooter that will immerse you into some action-packed missions in a remote island that has been invaded by an alien race. As a member of a highly qualified squadron, you'll take part in the US government plan to recover the island and wipe out those nasty aliens.

This Crysis trailer showcases the fantastic graphics in all their CryEngine 2-feulled glory. It's a very short trailer though, and feels a little rough around the edges. That said, it gives you a great insight into Crysis and is the perfect stage to show off the DirectX 10 abilities of Vista and Windows 7.

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Crysis Trailer

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